Hi, I’m Karlin…

Karlin- Head Shot 2015...let me tell you a bit about myself, where I’ve been and what I’ve been up to.   I was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York and lived there for 26 years. I got married, moved to Jacksonville, Florida and started to build a beautiful life for my family. My SUPER supportive husband and amazing children keep me in awe of how amazing life’s experiences really are. I was a banker in my former life, yes you heard me correctly...a banker! I worked in that industry for 15 years, all the while planning events simultaneously, knowing I should be doing what I love full-time…creating beautiful, fun-hearted, memorable experiences. I’ve since left the banking world and graciously accepted the opportunity I now have to create experiences for my clients. I believe in working as a team with my clients to achieve one common goal, making them happy. I follow one simple rule; Happy Clients drive the best results for creating your perfect experience. Let’s face it; anyone can buy a few balloons, order a cake, keepsakes and call it a party. Helping you discover what you want your guests to remember, what story you want your event to tell and what experience you will leave behind, will always be my gift to you. Event planning can be extremely overwhelming but I can help you with managing your anxiety levels. If you have an event you need planned, or whether you just need guidance in planning your special event, I am here to support you with the know-how.  

About Houzen Events

We are Experience Experts, who absolutely can’t wait to meet you and get started on your journey to an experience, not to be forgotten! We aren’t your common event planners. People hire us because they want to have an event that will last in their minds and souls for a lifetime. Our clients are intensely busy professionals that depend on us to make their planning stress-free.   We take the worry out and put the Zen in, while creating beautiful designs and planning, as easy as Sunday Morning. HOUZEN Events is a full service Planning & Design Company with offices in Jacksonville, Florida. Founded in 2013 by Owner Karlin Housen, HOUZEN provides creative and dynamic experiences for all our clients. We specialize in planning Launch Parties, Fun-Size Events and an array of Social Engagements. HOUZEN creates experiences that resonate with guests and transcend client’s expectations.  

About The Groove

GROOVE1sqThis is a group for Event Planners, who are seasoned in their careers and those who may be just starting out. I started this group so that I could meet fellow Event Planning professionals and those who are seeking to become Event Planning professionals. This group will help us build a community where we can share ideas and help one another create FABULOUS events in Jacksonville, Florida! We can create workshops, attend event expos and enjoy building this Meetup together! We all know being an Event Planner is fun but also very time consuming. Therefore, I would like to start off meeting on the second Thursday of every month at a Cool Venue! See you soon! Visit our MEEETUP Page.



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